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Kimgres Marketing Sdn Bhd

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Monoporosa Wall Tiles 200mm x 300mm

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Monoporosa Wall Tiles 200mm x 300mm

Kimgres Ceramics, a name synonymous with style, excellence and quality, proudly presents yet another art of flexi lay through the creative combinations of The Opal and Plain Series wall tiles and the Cosmo Series floor tiles.

These uniquely created wall tiles, measure 200mm x 300mm are superbly combined with the Cosmo Series floor tiles that come in three different sizes of 200mm x 200mm, 300mm x 300mm and 400mm x 400mm. They are plain, natural, elegant and with a range of earthy colors for wide selections. For feature walls and decorative borders, lined cut wall tiles are created to enhance the concept of flexi lay that brings out the aesthetic value of tile covering.

The art of flexi lay, as versatile as it can be!

Opal Series

Opal Mocha
200mm x 300mm

Monoporosa Wall Tiles - Technical Specifications:

Nominal Size : 200mm x 300mm x 7.5mm
Work Size : 200mm x 300mm x 7.2mm

Dimension and Surface quality
Facial Dimension : 300.00 </= +0.60%
> -0.30%
200.00 </= +0.60%
> -0.30%

Thickness : 7.20 mm +/- 10%

Rectangularity : +/- 0.50%

Straightness of sides : +/- 0.30%

Centre Curvature : + 0.50%
- 0.30%

Edge Curvature : + 0.50%
- 0.30%

Warpage : +/- 0.50%

Surface quality : Minimum 95%

Physical Properties
Water Absorption : > 10%

Breaking Strength, in N
a) Thickness >/= 7.5mm : > 600
b) Thickness < 7.5mm : > 200

Modulus of Rupture : Minimum 15 N/mm2

Crazing Resistance : No craze

Chemical Properties
Chemical Resistance to
a) Household : Minimum GB
b) Swimming Pool : Minimum GB
c) Acid and Alkaline : Minimum GLB

Staining Resistance : Minimum Class 3